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NimbusEdu PVT. LTD. a Delhi (India) Based Company founded in 2010.we provide a wide array of personalized IT solutions to its customers across the Country. We not only bring your business online, but also provide you with innovative technologies and world- class designs.

  • Experience

    We have more than 11 years of experience in Web Designing, PSD Layout Creation and Creating Beautiful Web Representations for our clients by following W3C Rules

  • Global Reach

    We have recruitment offers from many global companies which make sure your Placement after completion of training. Also we prefer skilled trainees to work with us and Grow themselves.

  • Convenience

    Being a global company, we understand every brain and its capability that helps us teach you in a better way,

  • Knowledge

    We keep ourselves Updated with the latest Designing tools and Trends and Implement best techniques to make a design 100% effective. Since HTML 5 and CSS 3 released tons of new unique layouts for web are designed by us.

  • Execution

    At training we opportunate you to work on live projects, and work like a professional so that your skills can be made useful for our corporate world.

  • Team Strength

    At NimbusEdu PVT. LTD. we make you work as a team, In web designing when it comes to show efficiency it is very important to make coordination with your team to complete projects on time.

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You Get Exclusive Access To Our Newly developed Trainee Web Development Module!

Salient Features of Our New Trainee Web Development Module:

Front-End (HTML & CSS):

First of All Understanding Front-End Languages and their syntax is important as output of all code is represented by Front-End Languages only like HTML, CSS and JS.

Back-End (PHP):

It involves Database programming of a project or application to make is functional.


All the data is stored in database in the form of tables which is managed by a SQL Application to keep all the data sorted and accessible by Back-End Languages like PHP.


Asynchrounous Java and XML is combination of Front-End and Back-End Languages for instance JS and PHP, Combinely they make a function by which data is driven from database to Web Browsers without refreshing the whole Page.

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